Saturday, February 26, 2011


i'm starting to think it's impossible

for someone to fall in love with me

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

i promise

Don't look at me and say goodbye...
Don't whisper words to make me cry..
just walk away if you have to go.. 
you will break my heart
but promise i will never let you know....

Friday, February 18, 2011

i will always love you even i can't be with you

 A bf gave a challenge to his gf to live a day without him. No communication at all and said if she passed it he'll love her forever. The gf agreed. She did not text or call him the whole day without knowing that her bf has only 24 hours to live because he's suffering from cancer. She excitedly went to her bf house the next day. Tears fall as she saw his bf lying on the coffin with a note on the side. "You did it baby, can you do it everyday? I LOVE YOU".


I love you coz I love you, 
I cannot give you a Reason, 
True Love cannot be defined, 
It has an Eternal Season. 

If You ask how much I love you,
I might say I cannot explain,
Coz my feelings are so intimate,
But the Words are so Plain.

If You ask me how much I care,
I might just say 'so much',
Coz there are no words in the Language,
That can describe my care as such.

If You ask how much I miss you,
I might just say 'a lot',
Coz when you are away, I feel so lonely,
I try to be okay, but I cannot.

I don't decorate my feelings with words,
I keep my feelings just pure,
All I can give you is a promise,
I will keep loving you more & more

Why? Please tell me

Why did u leave me?
I thought u love me
I thought u said you’ll be mine forever
I thought u promise me you’ll never gonna leave me
Now that your gone
Everyone is coming after you
They all want you, but I still love you
What you gonna do?
Will you love me again or find other one?
How if I ask u out again?
Would you say Yes or No?
I have a lot of question two ask, but I know u cant answer them
Why do u need to leave me if you said I LOVE YOU, so many times to me.
I want you to be my angel,
To be my teacher and to be my Everything and I want you to go back on my arms
I’m not like this before, you change me so much
Why do you need to leave me?
Why life need to be so complicated?
The more you love someone the more they hurts you
Isn’t life sucks?
I cannot longer hold your hand
I cannot longer kiss your lip
I cannot be with you forever, If you choose to say Goodbye!

Monday, February 14, 2011


I dreamed a sad dream 
In the dream I didn't realize
That I destroyed a precious treasure
By my own hands

I hate u ....all of you

If i died right now, would anyone care?

or just pretend like you care?

Sunday, February 13, 2011

i'm sorry


saya minta maaf kalau awak rasa saya abaikan awak
or rasa macam saya jauhkan diri dari awak

saya minta maaf kalau saya ni membosankan.

saya minta maaf kalau setiap malam awak call

saya macam menghalau awak suruh tidur
saya terpaksa T^T

saya tak nak awak abaikan masa depan awak
untuk orang macam saya

so awak fokus at pelajaran awak tu ea?

jangan jadi macam saya

saya dah tak ada masa depan

saya hidup untuk hari esok 

so saya tak nak awak jadi macam saya

abaikan pelajaran

awak fahamkan?

i swear

If you're asking if I want to be with you,
the answer is forever.
If you're asking if I want to leave you,
the answer is never.
If you're asking what I value most,
the answer is you.
If you're asking if I love you,
the answer is I do.


sometimes I sit on the beach, there I saw how much water off the coast and then I thought and said to myself,
"Will the tears that much when I lost you later"

Thursday, February 10, 2011

ily iny

We share a special bond,
our hearts connect as one,
I'm the sky,
your the sun,

as our minds entwine,
and our love grows stronger as the days pass by,
i ask my self this question,
how did it become so strong after one little hi,

now I'm under a spell,
and i love you in every way,
there nothing you could do,
to ever chase me away,

i don't care about your past,
i care about the present,
sharing our lives,
saving each special moment,

i know sometimes we fight,
but i can't stay mad at you,
i can't say that i hate you and stick to it,
even if i wanted to,

something about you,
it's gets me stuck like glue,
the only thing i dream,
is being together with you,

your words stay in my mind,
my soul glows bright,
the flame that burns in my heart,
brightens up the night,

the devil doesn't seem to exist,
god is the only one i see,
the only thing i think,
if he must really love me,

for each birthday i blow out a candle,
i will wish to stay with you,
i won't ever change my wish,
even if you want me too,

each night that i lay my head down,
I'll thank god for giving me love,
I'll tell him i love him,
for given me a gift sent from up above,

I'm not saying i like you,
I'm saying something true,
i am saying i care,
and that i really love you,

if you decide to go,
i will keep you in my heart,
hoping you do good in life,
and never fall apart,

I'm sorry when i hurt you,
or if i ever lower your spirit,
no matter what remember,
i never want to split,

in my heart,
i want you there,
i want you to love me,
i want you to care,

i care if you mess up,
every one messes up it's true,
but nothing can change,
the fact that i love you,

i know this seems impossible,
or maybe a bit of a shock,
it might wake up you,
like if you were asleep and just got hit by a rock,

i know this might sound crazy,
maybe weird or not cool,
but i can't hold in my love no more,
cause when i do it seems as if I'm drown in a pool,

i know you knew i loved you,
but not as much,
i may have said allot,
or 8 and of 10 and such,

but now i love you more then life,
i love you more then a foot ball Field,
and I'll tell you something,
my love won't yield,

i love you more then any one could,
i love you more then family,
i love you more then softball,
i probably love you.. more then i should,

i know I'll hurt if you leave,
but I'll remember the good moments we shared,
i remember every time i felt down,
when you proved to me you cared,

the way your soul shines,
and your heart attracts mine,
I'll remember the good,
that came with every bad time,

But i don't want you to good,
and I'll try and stop you if you decide to,
and if can't change your mind,
I'll say remember I'll always love you,

but right now everything is fine,
our hearts our fighting for love,
even if yours isn't,
mine wants my sign from above,

i just want you to know,
that i love you so,
and i never in my life,
ever want you to go,

even if i say it,
remember it's a lie,
cause deep down i know,
if you were to leave I'd cry,

so my love,
my angel too,
as i end this poem,
the message is..... i love you...............

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I fooled everyone with my fake smile and now what will i become?

jika ku tak bangun esok pagi

Jika ku tak bgn esok pagi
Sayangku kau jaga lah diri
Sentiasa ingatkan hait
Dirimu amatku cintai

Andainya dirimu kesusahan
Sujud dan mohon pada tuhan
Agar diberikan bimbingan
Meniti hidup bersendirian

Bila terasa sejuk...
Pejamkan mata
Bayangkan dalam dakapanku
Bila terasa rindu...
Pejamkan mata
Kita bersua dalam lena

Kalau ada yang sudi mengganti 
Lepaskan lah ku pergi
Kerna sayang seistemewamu
Berhak tuk dicinta dalam hidup

p/s sayang,tiada apa yang kekal dalam dunia ini,
namun yang pasti,senyumanmu ku tiada ganti,
cintamu kan kekal abadi

Ku berharap kau tak akan lupa,
mengirimkan bekalan doa,
Kita jumpa lah di sana nanti...
Jika ku tak bangun esok pagi


Tuesday, February 8, 2011


i m jealous of d people u ever hugged,

coz for a moment they,

Hold My World.....


your ignorance is killing me

Sunday, February 6, 2011


“For every dark night, 

there's a brighter day”


someone asked me

if i missed you

i didn't answer

i just closed my eyes 

and walked away

and whisper

so much!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Jenis-jenis kanser

(1) Kanser pangkal rahim - sebarang lelehan atau pendarahan yg luarbiasa, sakit selepas bersenggama dan turun berat badan.

(2) Kanser payudara - bengkak atau gumpalan di buah dada, keluar cairan berdarah dari puting, pembesaran kelenjar di ketiak, kedutan pada kulit di buah dada.

(3) Kanser usus besar - perubahan tabiat membuang air, hilang berat badan, sakit dalam perut dan usus, berlaku pendarahan semasa membuang air.

(4) Kanser paru-paru - batuk kuat berterusan, batuk berdarah, nafas termengah-mengah, sakit dada dan hilang berat badan.

(5) Kanser perut - hilang berat badan, muntah berdarah, sistem pencernaan yg tidak teratur, cepat kenyang walaupun makan sedikit.

(6) Kanser limpa - sakit di bahagian abdomen, hilang selera makan, turun berat badan, kulit dan mata menjadi kuning dan bahagian abdomen membengkak.

(7) Kanser ovari - haid tidak teratur, tumbuhan keras di bahagian abdomen, sakit semasa bersenggama, ketumbuhan bulu rambut yg melampau, suara menjadi lebih mendalam.

(8) Kanser otak - sakit kepala, muntah-muntah, gangguan penglihatan, lemah atau lumpuh, pening/pitam, pelupa, perubahan personaliti.

(9) Kanser prostat - sukar dan sakit semasa kencing yang berpanjangan.

(10) Kanser darah (leukimia) -letih, pucat, mudah lebam dan mudah mendapat jangkitan (infection).

(11) Kanser tekak - suara garau/serak, ada ketumbuhan di tekak, sukar menelan dan kelenjar membengkak di leher.

if i die tomorrow

What if I died tomorrow?
Would anyone care?
Every night I try to dream,
Of what you wanted me to be.
If I died tomorrow,
Would you miss me?
I shed tears thinking,
Of how my hopes are sinking.
What if I died tomorrow?
Would anyone remember me?
I wonder if you'd cry for me,
And the life I'd never see.
If I died tomorrow,
Would you feel some sorrow?
What if this were the last time,
You ever spoke to me?
Tell me how you feel inside,
Because you never know,
If tomorrow I died.

swear i ♥ you

I swear to you on everything I am..
and I dedicate to you all that I have..
and I promise you that I will stand right by your side FOREVER..
and always until the day I die....


Promises mean everything,
but once you break them, 

sorry means nothing..

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Child Love

Small Boy Found A Tear 
In His Lover?s Eye 

So He Hugged Her 
Still The Girl Continued To Cry 

Boy Asked: 

The Cute Girl Replied: 
If For Every 
I get A Hug From U 
Then I Would Cry Forever..!